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Community and Your Family First

Our dealership group takes a true Texan approach with a community and family first mindset that is the foundation for everything we do. You can see this passion for community in how we build our top-of-the-line dealership, the amenities and services we offer, employee culture we create and the meticulous way we take care of our customers.

We like to lead with action by contributing our dollars and hours to local causes important to our community. Then take it a step further with our Hill Country Heroes program. The result is a long-lasting connection with our city forged by strong local relationships that go as deep as the heart of Texas.

Our Customers

Chivalry, honesty and manners are key indicators of strong Texan character and we’re proud the foundation for our customer relations rests on those same values. We treat buying a car like a trusted relationship that starts as a conversation between neighbors. We’ll cover your needs, ask for feedback along the way and pay close attention to details you mention as well as ones you might not have considered.

We’re honored to have long term relationships with our customers and it’s not uncommon for our team to help multiple family generations with their cars over a series of decades. We love seeing where your new car will take you and providing the perfect vehicle for each phase of your life. No two car buyers are the same and for that reason, service is custom tailored to each customer.

Our Employees

A company is only as strong as its staff and as a result we’re particular about only hiring the best local employees and retaining them by treating them like family. We recognize individual successes as well as personal achievements, promote from within and grow staff both personally and professionally for a fulfilling career that lasts our employees a lifetime. This approach is ultimately passed down to the customers who are treated with the same Texan warmth and care as our employees.

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Dealer Principal - René Isip

Dealer principal, René Isip, strongly believes his success is based on the happiness and success of his staff, customers and community that surrounds him. For that reason, he will always fight fiercely to protect them as though they are an extension of his own family. He looks forward to bringing this leadership style to the San Antonio location and creating a car dealership you can trust to take good care of you because we consider it an honor to serve family and community above everything else.