Internet Sales Manager

The Internet Sales Manager (ISM) is responsible for receiving and responding to web based electronic inquiries (leads) and phone calls that result from prospects and customers visiting various Hill Country Honda web sites. The ISM will be evaluated based on performance standards that measure how many leads were converted to showroom visits and how many of those showroom visits resulted in a sale. The ISM should be fully capable of both traditional and Internet-specific automotive sales processes. The ISM is required to execute customer communications via e-mail, telephone (including VOIP) and face-to-face that conform to the standards and processes put into effect by Hill Country Honda management. An ISM must show up for work on time, per published schedules and conduct himself/herself in a manner compatible with the existing corporate culture and general policies and procedures of Hill Country Honda.

Qualifications and Duties include the following:

  • Be able to sell cars and trucks using email, phone and face-to-face skill sets
  • Show up for work on time and as scheduled by manager
  • Attend sales meetings for both the dealership and the Internet department
  • Use a personal computer for e-mail, lead management, web sites and MS office applications such as Word, Excel and Internet Explorer
  • Respond to Internet Leads within 10 minutes of receiving them
  • Call prospects within 30 minutes of receiving a new lead
  • Set appointments with dealership visits with at least 50% of prospects received
  • Achieve lead-to-dealership conversion rate of 14%+ on new leads received
  • Sell at least 70% of prospects that visit the dealership after submitting a new lead
  • Achieve an overall Lead-to-Sales ratio of 10% or higher
  • Attend training and complete testing requirements to become certified by Hill Country Honda’s regional office and/or American Hill Country Honda, USA’s national office
  • Use Hill Country Honda’s lead management systems to insure response time to all customer inquiries – email, fax or telephone – is virtually instantaneous
  • Understand the buying patterns and profile of Internet customers
  • Utilize personalized Hill Country Honda e-mail templates for communications
  • Utilize Hill Country Honda telephone word tracks as guidelines for process and flow of customer phone contacts
  • Select multiple vehicles for each Internet lead and respond to that lead with price quotes on those vehicles within the first 30 minutes of receiving a new lead
  • Execute Hill Country Honda’s pricing strategy when responding to leads in a way that profitably competes for the Internet customer both on-line and off-line

Hill Country Honda Web Sites

  • Be thoroughly familiar with the characteristics of all Hill Country Honda affiliated web sites, as well as those of Hill Country Honda lead providers. These sites include:
    • com
    • com
    • Autobytel
    • com
    • com
    • Dealix based websites
    • Outsell leads
    • Blackbook leads
    • Any other sites that may change as business develops
  • Know how to use the Lead Management Tool to track customers and to provide updates to the entire organization
  • Learn how to look up inventory data, track vehicle shipments and locate the desired vehicle for the prospect using Hill Country Honda technologies
  • Be able to use links to third party web site in emails sent to customers
  • Know how to use Lead Management Tool metrics and reports to improve process performance and sales closing ratios
  • Be comfortable with taking, transferring and uploading pictures of vehicles as required
  • Execute the Hill Country Honda sales process in a consistent yet flexible manner that results in a customer experience designed to achieve the highest quality sales ratios
  • Register all sold customers in Hill Country Honda programs as required
  • When assigned by general management, directors or appropriate managers be sure to register, schedule and attend Internet training and information seminars including online training to learn about the latest processes and techniques for Interactive business in the automotive industry.
  • Attend weekly General Sales Meetings or as otherwise designated
  • Attend weekly Internet Sales Meetings or as otherwise designated 

Measurement and Tracking

  • Each day the ISM will complete and electronically submit their appointment log and tracking for review by the Business Development and Internet Sales Director.
  • Enter all prospect communication notes, records and customer appointment data into the Hill Country Honda Lead Management Tool
  • Track and comply with programs that measure ISM process success including, but not limited to:
    • Leads received
    • Outbound telephone calls
    • Appointments set
    • Appointments shows
    • Sales
    • Response time
  • Each ISM must insure that appointment information is delivered to the enterprise wide lead tracking system.
  • Comply with procedures to insure that all customers are tracked and follow-up is maintained using the dealership’s lead management tools.
  • Cooperate with procedures to quality control e-mail and telephone contacts.
  • Be open to quantitative as well as qualitative feedback for coaching purposes on recorded phone calls and e-mail communications.
  • Maintain tracking boards showing Internet sales updated each day of the month.
  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports for review by management as requested.
  • Prepare routine reports showing appointments scheduled, which customers showed up and which customers were sold as well as where the leads were sourced.

If you’d like to be considered for Internet Sales Manager, please email with your Resume, Cover Letter and Salary Requirements. 

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